After the doll is shipped, we send a tracking number to your email address, and we use FedEx/UPS and DHL to expedite the shipment and ensure safe delivery. There are no labels on the box that could expose the contents, and if you prefer, we can ship to a FedEx/UPS store instead of your address so you can pick up your Love Doll at your convenience.

DHL 10 – 15 Business Days
UPS 5 – 10 Business Days
Fedex 5 – 10 Business Days
STANDARD SHIPPING 20 – 30 Business Days

Once your order has been placed, please allow 1 week for customization, depending on the doll.All our dolls are hand made and thoroughly tested for quality before shipping. When shipped, you will be provided with the Fedex or UPS tracking code.All packaging is discreet, there are no labels, markings, or logos.

Customs Duties and Taxes

For some countries, especially the US and Europe, we offer advance payment of VAT and import taxes so you don’t have to deal with customs. Countries such as Canada, Japan or Australia and New Zealand may be subject to customs clearance, and this is the sole responsibility of the customer to pay this charge (if any).

Track your order as follows

International FedEx – FedEx:

International Express-UPS:

International Express – DHL: